Ticks, also known as Infested, is a 1993 direct-to-video horror film directed Tony Randel and starring Peter Scolari, Seth Green, Rosalind Allen, Ami Dolenz, Alfonso Ribeiro, and Clint Howard.


Drug dealer Jarvis Tanner (Clint Howard) uses steroids to enhance marijuana plants. Run off of it has mutated the local ticks. Tyler Burns (Seth Green) is sent to join an inner-city wilderness project in an attempt to conquer his fear of the woods, led by Holly Lambert (Rosalind Allen) and Charles Danson (Peter Scolari). Tyler meets his fellow campers Darrel “Panic” Lumley (Alphonso Ribeiro), Charles’ daughter Melissa (Virginya Keeyne), Dee Dee Davenport (Ami Dolenz), Rome Hernandez (Ray Oriel), and Kelly Mishimoto (Sina Dayrit).