A Woman in Transit

A Woman in Transit is a 1984 Canadian French-language drama film directed by Léa Pool.


Andrea Richler (Paule Baillargeon) is a well-known director who returns to her home town of Montreal to film a high-budget musical drama. At her hotel, she has a brief but unsettling encounter with a suicidal elderly woman named Estelle (Louise Marleau). This is briefly forgotten until later when she meets the old lady again and with mounting incredulity Andrea discovers that the actual events in the woman's life mirror the fictional events in the director's film.

    More details

    director Léa Pool
    editor Michel Arcand
    genre drama
    keywords hotel old lady unsettle
    musicBy Yves Laferriere
    producer Bernadette Payeur
    publisher J.-A. Lapointe Films
    recordedAt Montreal