Makiusap Ka sa Diyos

Makiusap Ka sa Diyos is a 1991 Filipino film starting Ruffa Gutierrez, Christopher de Leon and Gabby Concepcion. It was director Lino Brocka's final movie prior to his death in a car crash.


A nun named Dolores (Gutierrez) is raped. She becomes pregnant, gives birth and is punished by her cruel superiors. She then meets Vince (de Leon) and marries him but later discovers that Vince was the one who raped her.

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    director Lino Brocka
    editor George Jarlego Jr.
    keywords de león gutierrez nun rap rape
    musicBy Lutgardo Labad
    producer Lily Monteverde
    productionCompany Regal Films
    theme epic