Chamas da Vida

Chamas da Vida is a Brazilian telenovela produced by RecordTV. It premiered on July 8, 2008 and aired until April 28, 2009, at 9:45p.m. schedule. Created by Cristianne Fridman, the telenovela is written by her in collaboration with Paula Richard, Renata Dias Gomes, Camilo Pellegrini and Nélio Abbade. It is directed by Edgard Miranda, Roberto Bomtempo and Rudi Lagemann.


Pedro is a firefighter which lives in the neighborhood of Tinguá, in the border of Rio de Janeiro and Nova Iguaçu municipalities. After the sudden death of his parents, Pedro became responsible for the custody of his three brothers: Viviane, Rafael and trouble-maker Antônio, who works on GG ("Gelado-e-Gostoso", which is Portuguese for "Icy-and-Delicious"), a fictional ice cream factory located in Tinguá. At nights, Antônio and his gang ("Gangue do Ferro-Velho", Portuguese for "The Junkyard Gang") practices acts of vandalism on the neighborhood, what makes his relationship with Pedro progressively estranged. Pedro dates Ivonete, twin sister of Lieutenant Wallace, Pedro's best friend since childhood.