Stage Fright

Stage Fright is the 18th Our Gang short subject comedy released. The series (later known as The Little Rascals) was created by Hal Roach in 1922, and continued production until 1944.


Author Fawn Ochletree (Clara Guiol) stages a charity performance of her latest play, a Romanesque epic. The gang and other neighborhood kids are forced into starring in the play, much to the chagrin of the gang. They are unable to remember their lines, and struggle with maintaining their composure during the more serious moments of the melodrama. Finally, Jackie sets off a slew of firecrackers as the finale, scaring all involved.

    More details

    director Robert F. McGowan
    genre comedy
    keywords clara guiol force to remember
    producer Hal Roach
    publisher Pathé Exchange
    theme gang short