Raven: The Dragon's Eye

Raven: The Dragon's Eye is a BBC Scotland children's adventure game show, and the third spin-off to the main series, Raven. It comprises one series, which aired first on the CBBC Channel in 2009. In a similar manner to the previous spin-off, Raven: The Secret Temple, warriors compete as teams and attempt to collect objects (stones, in this series) by completing tasks.


Returning from the successful Secret Temple quest and able to unfreeze his homeland, Raven discovers that his arch-enemy Nevar plans to locate the Dragon's Eye, a mystical stone that affords the bearer great power. Determined to stop Nevar from obtaining the Eye, Raven embarks on a quest to destroy it with sixteen of his warriors, who group into teams of four. As Nevar approaches, a new character emerges from the forest— Ervan, former ally of Nevar's under his command— who appears to offer help; Raven must decide whether he is friend or foe.


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    genre adventure
    publisher BBC