Lungi is a 2019 Indian Kannada romantic love story directed by Arjun Lewis and Akshith Shetty. The film has been bankrolled by Mukesh Hegde under the Khara Entertainment banner. The film stars newbie Pranav Hegde opposite Ahalya Suresh and Radhika Rao, while Prakash Thuminadu, Vj Vineeth, Karthik Varadaraju, Deepak Rai Panaji, and Roopa Vorkady appear in supporting roles.


Lungi follows the life of Rakshit as he achieves all his dreams and finds the love of his life through the Lungi.

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    director Akshith Shetty Arjun Lewis
    genre drama
    musicBy Prasad K Shetty
    producer Mukesh Hegde
    productionCompany Khara Entertainment Banner
    theme romantic drama