Rated K: For Kids by Kids

Rated K: For Kids by Kids

Rated K: For Kids by Kids is an American movie review television program that ran on the cable network Nickelodeon from 1986–1988. The original hosts were Matt Nespole, Lakmini Besbroda, Mark Shanahan, and Rebecca Schwager. Other first wave hosts included Jennifer Rosa, Kimani Bethea, and Eben David. Each week, the show would feature a rotating blend of three young teenagers giving their opinions on the latest feature films and sometimes, what was new on home video. Each review was capped by an otherwise inconsistent letter grade system (for example A for Amazing, C for Classic, Confusing, or Crazy, G for Go, S for See It or So-So, and T for Terrific) with Letter K being that show's equivalent to an ultimate, perfect 5- or 4-star scale.


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