Never Say Quit

Never Say Quit

Never Say Quit is a lost 1919 American silent comedy film directed by Edward Dillon. It was produced and distributed by the Fox Film Corporation.


As described in a film magazine, Reginald Jones (Walsh) is a jinx and is always getting stung. One of his stunts is to butt in when he sees a woman being ill-treated, and in one adventure is decoyed into a badger game. As a consequence, he loses a fortune when he is unable to attend the funeral of an aunt. He goes to sea on a schooner and the passengers include a rich man and his daughter, who are treasure seekers. The captain is rough and pulls a stunt to get the rich man into his power. Reginald comes to their aid, but it's a tough situation until American sailors from submarine chaser S.C. 143 come to the rescue, jumping the railing and knocking out the villainous crew.