Choti Si Zindagi

Choti Si Zindagi

Choti Si Zindagi (; lit:A short life) is a Pakistani drama serial that was first aired on 27 September 2016 replacing Zara Yaad Kar. It airs every Tuesday at 8:00pm PST. It stars Iqra Aziz, Shehzad Sheikh and Nimra Khan in lead roles. It is directed by Shaquille Khan but after 24 episodes the drama was then directed by Adeel Qamar Khan. This drama was highly rated.


The story is set in late 1970s society, where teen marriages were quite common. Choti Si Zindagi was all about two young character, who were forced into a marriage according to the family and societal traditions. The story revolves around Urwa (played by Shehzad Sheikh), Amina (played by Iqra Aziz), and Azra (played by Nimra Khan), and their twisted love stories. An intriguing and interesting story. Urwa, an engineering student fall in love with his class fellow Azra(a rich girl who also loves him). One day Urwa's father found about them and forced Urwa to marry her chacha's daughter Amina(a 15 year old girl with childish behaviour and doesn't know any household work). After their marriage Urwa and Amina fight a lot, he teases her, Urwa's mother give Amina work which she doesn't know how to do then after some time Urwa went to his college and here Amina learns work and also got loved by her mother in law. Here Urwa hadn't told Azra about his marriage and talks to her but somewhere ignores her too. On vacations Urwa went to his house and notices that Amina has been changed and he started falling in love with her. Then he receives a letter from Azra and leaves for Karachi to his college then Azra meets him and he told her that he got married. Azra leaves for England. Here Urwa got the news that his father is going to retire then in 3rd year of college Urwa decide to do a part time job. Urwa and Sohail(best friend of Urwa who knows everything about Urwa) shifts to a renting flat. There they meet Saqia( their neighbour) who falls in love at first sight with Urwa and also gives food to him. Urwa father realises that Urwa needs someone to take care of him drop Amina to Urwa's flat. Here Saqia meets Amina and called her Urwa's housemaid. Jealous Amina fought with Urwa. Then Saqia plans to study from Urwa and also flirts with him. This time Urwa and Amina fought a lot resulting Urwa drops Amina to her house. Then Amina's tensed parents calls Urwa's father, who went with Urwa make him realized his mistake and to take Amina. Then Amina got pregnant but unknowingly Urwa wasn't aware of this because Amina's illness make him to go his in laws house. He got this news when his son Ali has been born. Then Urwa completed his engineering searching for job and hasn't found any because of Ali. Ali cry all night therefore Urwa cant sleep and Amina focus more on Ali then him. Condition got better they also blessed with a baby girl. When their children at age of going school then they face some money problems then Sohail helped him now a rich person. Later their children got adults and then Urwa meets Azra and remembers his college days with her. Drama end with Sohail having lung disease due to his smoking.