Professor Toto and Sophia

Professor Toto and Sophia is an animated film produced by Francois Thibaut and The Language Workshop for Children for purposes of second language acquisition for children and has been translated into French, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, and German versions. The film is intended to educate children in language pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. The Professor Toto animation utilizes the "Thibaut Technique" teaching methodology. The Professor Toto animation has a 60 minute running time, and the separate vocabulary review segment has a 20 minute running time.


The animation begins as avuncular and humorous Professor Toto invites his class to watch a cartoon about a day in the life of a boy named Eric. Eric describes what he is doing, "I comb my hair," "I put on my socks," "I put on my shoes," "I drink hot chocolate," "Dad drinks coffee," and "Mom drinks tea," in school, lunchtime, park, snack time, dinner, and bedtime environments. Then the professor introduces his class to more foreign language words and images periodically prompting viewers to repeat and asking review questions such as "what is the cat wearing?" The animation introduces animals, clothing, colors, body parts, foods, action verbs, adjectives, prepositions, places, directions, shapes, sports, musical instruments, time, months, and seasons.