Jailbreakers is a 1994 television film directed by William Friedkin. Filming took place in Southern California and it was released on September 9, 1994. The film originally aired on Showtime as part of their Rebel Highway series that took the titles of 1950s-era B-movies and applied them to original films. The film was later released on VHS.


The film takes place in the 1950s. Angel is a 15-year-old cheerleader who has her life all ahead of her. She falls in love with Tony Falcon, a drug dealing high school drop-out. A nighttime outing leads to trouble and Angel and Tony are caught. Although Tony is the only one who is sent to jail, Angel has it very hard as well. She is estranged from her parents and her friends refuse ever to talk to her. The family think it is for the best for them to move to new surroundings.