A Good Man in Africa

A Good Man in Africa

A Good Man in Africa is a 1994 Comedy-Drama film, based on William Boyd's 1981 novel A Good Man in Africa and directed by Bruce Beresford. The film starred Colin Friels, Sean Connery, John Lithgow, Joanne Whalley, Diana Rigg and Louis Gossett, Jr.


Morgan Leafy (Colin Friels) is a British diplomat living in Kinjanja, an African nation recently freed from British rule. Arthur Fanshawe (John Lithgow), a new diplomat eager to leave Africa, learns that Kinjanja sits on top of a huge oil reserve. Unfortunately, Morgan is too preoccupied with alcohol and women to know what to do with the oil. To make matters worse, a woman is struck by lightning on the British compound, creating a tense political situation with the local government.

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    contentLocation Africa
    director Bruce Beresford
    editor Jim Clark
    genre comedy-drama political satire
    keywords create lightning
    musicBy John Du Prez
    producer Mark Tarlov
    productionCompany Capitol Films South African Breweries
    publisher Gramercy Pictures United International Pictures