I Enjoy the World with You

I Enjoy the World with You is a 1982 Czechoslovak family comedy directed by Marie Poledňáková. The movie was elected as the best Czech comedy ever made.


Every year, three middle-aged friends, sound engineer Pepa (Pavel Nový), doctor Albert (Július Satinský), and music director Michal (Václav Postránecký), plan to spend their vacation at Albert's cottage in the Beskids. They always go there without their wives but this year, the wives decide to make them change their minds. They promise to let their husbands go without them under one condition - they will take all their children instead. The wives are sure their husbands will never accept, but the men decide to take the kids and do their best to exhaust them during the day so that they have some time for themselves in the evening. Nothing goes according to plan, however.

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    director Marie Poledňáková
    editor Miroslav Hájek
    genre comedy
    keywords beskids cook even nothing three wives
    musicBy Václav Zahradník
    producer Jan Balzer
    productionCompany Barrandov Studios