Starcrossed is a 2005 independent short film written and directed by James Burkhammer and produced by POWER UP. It tells the story of Darren and Connor, two teenage brothers who find that their affection for each other is growing beyond the fraternal.


Darren and Connor are two brothers who, as teenagers, realize that they have deep, strong intimate feelings for each other and not just those of brothers. They enter into a close romantic relationship. While happy together, they fear what would happen if their gay relationship were ever discovered. Their fears are realized when their mother walks in on them sleeping naked together. When Connor overhears their father say that they will never be able to see each other again, the distraught brothers steal a family car and flee to a motel. Deciding that a world that can't understand them is a world in which they do not wish to live, and with a police officer discovering the car, the boys commit suicide by handcuffing themselves to each other through the bottom rung of a ladder in the motel swimming pool.

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    director James Burkhammer
    editor Joan Sobel Phyllis Housen
    events incest
    keywords discover gay relationship police officer sleep swimming pool
    musicBy Radio Sloan
    producer Andrea Sperling
    productionCompany POWER UP
    publisher POWER UP
    theme lgbt-related short