Familia is a 2005 French-language Canadian drama film. It was directed and written by Louise Archambault.


The story revolves around two main characters: Michèle (Moreau, also known as "Charlotte Rocks her Socks"), a free-spirited aerobics instructor with a penchant for gambling, and Janine (Grenon), a suburban housewife and home decorator with a cheating husband. The lives of these two longtime friends intersect when Michele goes to live with Janine to escape an abusive boyfriend. Tensions abound as Michele's daughter Marguerite (St. Sauveur) introduces Janine's daughter Gabrielle (Gosselin) to a world of boys, drugs, and alcohol. Meanwhile, Michele can't quite kick her gambling addiction - no matter how many people she seems to hurt and deceive. Things come to a head when Janine confronts her adulterous husband and Marguerite discovers she's pregnant.