Yugandhar  युगन्धर

Yugandhar युगन्धर

Yugandhar is a 1993 Hindi-language Indian feature film directed by N. Chandra, starring Mithun Chakraborty and Kabir Bedi in lead roles. Sangeeta Bijlani was paired with Mithun. The film was much awaited as it followed N. Chandra's successful films Tezaab and Narsimha.


Col. Kanir Kabir Bedi is brought into a rural area of India by a corrupt Collector Dalip Tahil under the false pretend that Kishen Daku Mithun Chakraborty has committed crimes and murder. Upon taking action against Kishen Daku, or Krishna as he is really known re-tells, Col. Kanir learns the story of Krishna's youth, one where Gora Thakur Mangal Dhillon and Kasturilal Paresh Rawal tried to exploit the people of the land.