Eiyarkai (English translation: Nature) is a 2003 Tamil romance film written and directed by S. P. Jananathan and produced by V. R. Kumar, A. E. Gunasekaran, and G. Natarajan for Prisam Films. The film has Shaam and Kutty Radhika, in her Tamil debut, in the lead roles alongside Seema Biswas (in her only Tamil film to date). Arun Kumar appears in a cameo appearance. This film was a low-budget production, and the soundtrack was composed by Vidyasagar. This love story is set against the backdrop of a lost ship in the port town of Rameshwaram and revolves around a girl and the two men that love her. This movie is loosely based on Vennira Iravugal, Tamil translation of Dostoyevsky's White Nights. White Nights was also made in Hindi as Saawariya.


Mukundan (Arun Kumar) is an Indian ship captain who lives in Rameshwaram. Marudhu (Shaam), an orphaned ship mechanic and sailor, also lives in Rameswaram and decides to give up his sailing life and settle down there. He develops a liking for Nancy (Kutty Radhika), who sells fruits and other items to sailors on ships that have arrived at the port, but she still holds a candle for the captain of a ship that docked there three years ago. Though Nancy had proposed to him three years ago, he declined stating that 17 was a very young age to marry. To everyone's surprise, the captain is revealed to be Mukundan. He had promised her that he would return in a year, but three years later, Nancy has still not given up hope. Marudhu helps Nancy search for Mukundan, but when he reveals that he loves Nancy, she distances herself from him. They reconcile and become friends. All hope is lost to find Mukundan as they see the captain junior, now as the first officer of another ship. The captain junior reveals that the captain's ship was destroyed in a blast. Soon, Marudhu's ship is scheduled to leave to Africa on Christmas night. Marudhu can decide to join or leave by then. All of them pressurize Nancy to leave her ideas about Mukundan and marry Marudhu. After a very long thought, she agrees by the night of Christmas Eve, and arrangements are made for the wedding next day, but Mukundan returns, surprises Nancy and Marudhu, and finds him kissing her hand in the crowd. He decides that he is the best for her. She is in a dilemma whether to choose Mukundan or Marudhu, and finally selects the former, leaving mixed feelings of joy and sorrow. Marudhu leaves India in his ship, seeking more journeys and promising never to return to his home of Tamil Nadu.