The Desperate Man

The Desperate Man

The Desperate Man is a 1959 British B movie crime film directed by Peter Maxwell and starring Conrad Phillips, Jill Ireland, William Hartnell, Charles Gray and Peter Swanwick. The plot involves a writer who investigates a murder in the tower of a castle. It is adapted from the novel Beginner's Luck by Paul Somers, the writer better known as Andrew Garve.


Two reporters, Curtis (Conrad Phillips) and his girlfriend Carol (Jill Ireland), pursue jewel thief Smith (William Hartnell) through the Sussex countryside. On arriving at an ancient castle, Smith abducts Carol and holds her hostage, and Curtis is forced to assist the thief to find his buried loot.


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    director Peter Maxwell
    editor Geoffrey Muller
    genre crime
    keywords buried loot force jewel thief
    musicBy James Stevens
    producer Jack Greenwood
    productionCompany Merton Park Studios
    publisher Anglo-Amalgamated Film Distributors
    theme b movie