Otley is a 1968 British comedy thriller film, starring Tom Courtenay and Romy Schneider. It was adapted by Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais from a book by Martin Waddell, and released by Columbia Pictures.


Tom Courtenay plays Gerald Arthur "Gerry" Otley, a charming but feckless young drifter who scrapes a living from selling antiques in trendy 1960s London. Gerry's responsibility-free life suddenly takes a serious turn, when he finds himself caught up in a round of murder, espionage and quadruple crossing. He is mistaken for a spy; is kidnapped and detained several times; and becomes romantically involved with a foreign agent (Romy Schneider) working for British Intelligence.

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    contentLocation London
    director Dick Clement
    editor Richard Best
    genre comedy thriller
    keywords british intelligence foreign agent kidnap
    musicBy Stanley Myers
    producer Bruce Cohn Curtis
    publisher Columbia Pictures
    theme comedy thriller spy spy comedy