Nosso Lar 2: Os Mensageiros

Nosso Lar 2: Os Mensageiros

Nosso Lar 2: Os Mensageiros, commonly known as Nosso Lar 2, is a future 2020 Brazilian drama film, written and directed by Wagner de Assis. The screenplay was based on the novels Os Mensageiros (1944) and Obreiros da Vida Eterna (1946), psychographed by the spiritist medium Chico Xavier, under the influence of the spirit of André Luiz.


A team of Nosso Lar workers, better known as Messengers, come to Earth to rescue and assist fellow members who are about to fail in their lives, forgetting their planning and setting their destiny in the direction of great suffering.

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    director Wagner de Assis
    genre drama
    publisher Twentieth Century Fox