Penduko is an upcoming Philippine superhero film based on the re-imagined comic book Pedro Penduko: The Legend Begins by Regene Estolatan that is an original story and concept from Pedro Penduko written and illustrated by Francisco V. Coching. The story is under Epik Studios and the film rights will be distributed by Viva Films. It will be directed by Jason Paul Laxamana, and features Matteo Guidicelli as Pedro Penduko


Peter Harris (Guidicelli), a 20–year old wimp that was raised in the U.S, will be embarking a journey in the Philippines after his father passes away due to an unknown incident, to search for his mother, only to stumble upon a mythical curse and evil forces that destroy the town.

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    director Jason Paul Laxamana
    genre action drama
    keywords cowardice evil force wimp
    producer Vic del Rosario Jr.
    publisher Viva Films
    theme superhero