Kalu Hima   කළු හිම

Kalu Hima කළු හිම

Kalu Hima (Black Snow) is a 2018 Sri Lankan Sinhala/Hindi bilingual drama thriller film directed by Upali Gamlath and produced by Wajira Rajapakse for Sinelka Films. It stars Niroshan Wijesinghe and Subuddi Lakmali in lead roles along with Gayani Gisanthika and Iranganie Serasinghe. Music composed by veteran musician Rohana Weerasinghe. The film has been shot completely in Nepal. It is the 1311th Sri Lankan film in the Sinhala cinema.


Sachin, Thivanka, Vinu, Suren are four Lankan friends who go on hiking in the mountain range in Nepal. Sachin is Vinu's boyfriend but in the journey Thivanka also catches Vinu's attention by being helpful. In their journey, they meet with a sudden landslide and Sachin falls from a cliff. Others consider that Sachin died and they go to Sri Lanka again. 3 years later, Sachin is shown to be alive and he is trapped in a gorilla camp. A Lankan lady who works in the camp talks with Sachin. Sachin relates his story to her. The story is a flashback showing how Sachin develops a relationship with a hindu girl called Chunda who saved his life. One day they run away from Chunda's home as her brother and father protest against their relationship. They go to a house of Chunda's granny. One day Sachin goes to the town while Chunda's granny's house is broken apart by a flood.

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    director Upali Gamlath
    editor Pravin Jayaratne
    genre drama thriller
    keywords hike married run away search sri lanka trap
    musicBy Rohana Weerasinghe
    producer Sinelka Films
    publisher LFD Theaters