Orun Mooru (English: Heaven is Hot) is a 1982 Nigerian comedy film directed by Ola Balogun and produced by Moses Olaiya (Baba Sala). The film narrates the story of a once successful businessman who was tricked by a herbalist into a failed get-rich-quick scheme, and then decides to commit suicide.


Orun Mooru narrates the story of Karounwi (Moses Olaiya), a basketmaker who lives in a fishing village. Flashback shows that he used to be a thriving businessman, until he was tricked by a Babalawo (herbalist) into believing that he could fill oil drums with money.


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    director Ola Balogun
    genre comedy-drama fantasy
    keywords fishing village
    producer Moses Olaiya
    productionCompany Alawada Movies ltd.
    theme death narrative supernatural trick