Die Bienen – Tödliche Bedrohung

Die Bienen – Tödliche Bedrohung

Die Bienen – Tödliche Bedrohung (English: Killer Bees) is a 2008 German television horror film directed by Michael Karen and stars Janin Reinhardt, Rolf Kanies, and Sonja Kirchberger.


When Karla brings her father Hans in Mallorca to a clinic because he was stung by a bee, it does not look good for him. The doctors want to find just a normal bee sting, but Karla does not consider it feasible. Together with the researcher Ben she gets down to find the true culprit—and finds oversized bees, which are also extremely aggressive. This new insect species is a major threat to thousands of people on the holiday island.

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    director Michael Karen
    genre horror
    keywords bee sting
    musicBy Siggi Mueller
    recordedAt Majorca