El miedo no anda en burro

El miedo no anda en burro (Fear Doesn't Ride a Donkey) is a 1976 Mexican comedy horror film directed by Fernando Cortés and starring María Elena Velasco, Eleazar García, Fernando Luján, Emma Roldán and Óscar Ortiz de Pinedo.


María Nicolasa Cruz is doña Clarita's loyal indigenous maid. However, meanwhile doña Clarita is dying, she is leaving behind a large monetary estate, a mansion, properties, and Mimí: her affectionate Shih Tzu dog. María is with doña Clarita during her last moments, albeit her sister Paz, brother Marciano, nephew Braulio, and grandsons Raul and Laura are waiting anxiously downstairs for her death, believing they will inherit all her riches. Doña Clarita finally dies at the hand of a corrupt doctor employed by doña Clarita's relatives, and María inconsolably goes downstairs to the living room to deliver the news. As expected, María finds none of doña Clarita's relatives mourning her death. Believing she is of no use anymore, doña Clarita's relatives (or "The Vultures" as María calls them) fire María, therefore she decides to return to her native hometown. Marciano, Paz, Braulio, Raul, and Laura meet with the notary to hear Doña Clarita's will. To everyone's surprise, the will only mentions Mimí (the dog), and María as her guardian. The family members go back to stop María from leaving the mansion.