Il volpone

Il volpone is a 1988 Italian comedy film directed in by Maurizio Ponzi, inspired by Ben Jonson's comedy with the same name. The film stars Enrico Montesano, Enrico Maria Salerno and Paolo Villaggio.


Set in the Ligurian Riviera during the 1980s, it features Paolo Villaggio as Ugo Maria Volpone, a rich but apparently ill ship company owner. He is surrounded by a series of relatives and friends (played by Enrico Maria Salerno, Renzo Montagnani, Alessandro Haber) who blandish him in order to inherit his estate. The shrewd Volpone, in return, organizes a hoax against them to betray their greed. In the movie, he is joined by a new waiter, Bartolomeo Mosca (Enrico Montesano), who quickly shows himself to be as cunning as Volpone in arranging humiliations.