Burning Annie

Burning Annie is an American independent comedy film starring Gary Lundy, Sara Downing, Kim Murphy, Brian Klugman, Jay Paulson, Rini Bell, Todd Duffey, and Kathleen Rose Perkins. It is the directorial debut of Van Flesher. The film was produced by Randy Mack of Armak Productions and in 2007 was distributed by Lightyear Entertainment via Warner Bros. In 2017 it was re-distributed by the filmmakers through Sundance Institute's Creative Distribution Initiative.


A dysfunctional romantic comedy about Max, a college student in 1998 who's obsessed with Woody Allen's film Annie Hall. He believes the film holds all the answers to life, including the futility of romance. Just as he begins to suspect the film might actually be ruining his life, he meets Julie, a young woman who might be the modern day equivalent of Annie Hall herself, and goes into a romantic tailspin.