Cumbia Ninja

Cumbia Ninja is a Colombian television series of drama, mystery and science fiction broadcast by the FOX Channel created by Andrés Gelós and freely based on the Aztec Culture, broadcast in Colombia from September 5, 2013 to December 17, 2015. The cast is made up of Ricardo Abarca and Brenda Asnicar, in the main roles, followed by Ruddy Rodriguez, Rubén Zamora, Nicolás Rincón, Christian Meier, Julio Nava, Albi De Abreu, Víctor Jiménez and Natalia Reyes.


The series tells the story of Juana Carbajal and Nicolás "Hache" Acuña, two kids with completely different lives in many ways, but the destiny will be in charge of uniting them both, after living tragic moments in their lives such as the loss of important beings for both, they are chosen by Sungaku, an ancient God of the Mesoamerican Civilization and the Aztec Culture, to protect the important legacy and secrets about their culture, and discover the true meaning of life, where both must face and overcome various types of problems.