Chilly Christmas

Chilly Christmas is a 2012 direct-to-DVD family comedy film starring C. Thomas Howell, Karan Brar, Brooke Langton and Tom Arnold. In the United Kingdom the film was released under the title A Christmas Tail.


Bobby lives in Sunshine Beach in California with police detective father and best friend, a dog called Chilly. His dad tells him that they are moving to New York City, where they will live in a flat. Chilly, being a large outdoor dog and completely unhouse-trained, must stay behind. Bobby, with help from his friends, is determined to achieve a Christmas miracle and train Chilly to live in a flat. When dog thieves come to steal Chilly, the dog remembers the house tricks Bobby taught him and uses them to avoid being caught. Bobby's dad and the police arrive to find the boy and dog safe and the thieves foiled. His Dad decides not to move away and after a second Christmas miracle, snow in California, Bobby and Chilly celebrate, knowing they can stay together.