Hainamuli 6 is a 2016 Bodo social satirical film directed by Jagat Boro. The film is the most recent and the final part of the six Hainamuli film series. It stars Jwngsrang Brahma, Dwimasa Brahma and Jagat Boro in the lead roles. Lipika Brahma, Helina Daimary and Mwktang Basumatary play supporting roles in the film. The story of the film is jointly written by Jwngsrang Brahma and Dwimasa Brahma. It was released on August 2016. The film was produced by Tarzan Basumatary under the banner of Bangbula Film Production.


Two village friends, who are petty crooks find ways to live an unconventional life of crime in rural Bodo inhabited Assam. They've found ways to dupe over-enthusiastic Bodo villagers of their hard-earned money by presenting fraudulent entrepreneurial schemes or trapping naive young women to fulfill their carnal lust through deceit. Fwila, a prodigal son returns home after spending years away from it to discover that a pretty young cousin now lives in their house along with his aging parents. Smitten by her beauty, he makes a devious plan faking ownership of colossal wealth in the city where he had been all these years and lures her into an incestuous relationship that crosses all social boundaries. On the other hand his friend, Mendela too gets into a relationship with another village belle, Monika who is from a culturally different ethnic group due to which he is unable to convince her brother to consent to their marriage. Apparently Monika's ethnic group evolved from the same ethnic ancestry as Mendela's. This is revealed later through the legacy data sought by her family to update the National Register of Citizens thereby paving a way for an agreement to marriage between the two.