Rock'n'roll for Princesses

Rock'n'roll for Princesses

Rock'n'roll for Princesses is a 1991 Soviet children's fantasy film directed by Radomir Vasilevsky, based on the book Tournament in the Kingdom of Fiofegas by Radiy Pogodin.


King of one fairy kingdom Philogerts (Viktor Pavlov) is concerned that his only son Prince Philotheus (Andrei Ankudinov) does not want to grow up. Then the king decides to get him married. To do this, he arranges a contest of princesses, the winner of which will become the wife of Philotheus. The court magician of the kingdom of Izmora (Grazhyna Baikshtite) helps to arrange the competition.


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    director Radomir Vasilevskiy
    editor Viktoria Monyatovskaya
    genre fantasy
    keywords married the king viktor pavlov
    musicBy David Tukhmanov
    productionCompany Odessa Film Studio
    theme musical