Unlisted Owner

Unlisted Owner is a 2017 American found footage thriller horror film written and directed by Jed Brian and co-written by Tyler Landers and produced by Lawford County Productions. Unlisted Owner has been edited as crime scene video evidence, with law enforcement placards showing the date time and whose camera was filming in the next sequence. Lawford County Productions signed a distribution agreement for Unlisted Owner with Tom Cat Films in October 2016.


The film takes place in a small Illinois community in fictional Lawford County that has been shaken to the core by the murders of a Roth family who had recently purchased a house with a dark history unaware to many. A radio broadcast of the deaths is heard by a group of friends Gavin Landers (Gavin Groves), Griffin Potts (Griffin Groves), Tyler Brian (Tyler Landers), Jed Groves (Jed Brian), Andrea Mills (Andrea Potts), and Haidee Summers (Haidee Corona), who realize the murders are only a mile away from where they are going camping this weekend. Since the campsite is so close to the murder scene, the group of friends decide to go back and investigate themselves, leading to an eventful night they can only hope they will survive.