Star Warp'd

Star Warp'd is a 2001 American claymation parody film, directed by Pete Schuermann. The film's plot is a combination of famous science fiction movies, done in a parodic manner. The film was released direct to video by Synapse Films. An extra on the DVD claims that a sequel is on the way, but as of May 2012, it has yet to be released. However, because this is a parody, it is possible they were joking about the sequel.


The film begins off with a Star Wars-styled title crawl. After the credits, the film cuts to the USS Consolationprize (EEK-U812) being attacked by a spacecraft resembling a Star Destroyer. We are then introduced to the ship's crew, Captain Kwirk and Mr. Spuck. A menacing figure named Dark Vapor then appears telling them that they are to be captured as part of the Rebellious Alliance. Upon realizing that the rest of the crew won't appear due to budget cuts, they escape in a shuttlecraft, and land on Earth, in the year 2001. They climb over a ridge to find a monolith, which belongs to a cigar-smoking Star Child. He says his monolith is broken and the universe is falling apart because of it. He states it's up to Kwirk and Spuck to repair it. They are also told that the dark smell of the Force wants to steal the monolith for its power. But both sides can summon any warrior from any universe (with Mr. Spuck's "tape recorder") to help their side of the fight.