The Rebirth of Buddha

is a Japanese animated movie produced by the new religious movement Happy Science. It is an adaption of a book by Ryuho Okawa, the CEO of Happy Science, and was released on October 17, 2009.


Seventeen year old is a sophomore high school student at an all-girls school who has aspirations of becoming a famous world-class journalist just like Tokuzo Kanemoto, an old family friend of her father's. However, Kanemoto who was angerly shammed for a false report jumps in front of a train track and commits suicide, supposedly killing himself as a result-(which is later shown on the news channel the next day). Ever since then, Sayako develops the ability to see spirits and almost gets killed herself by one of the spirits-(who was attempting to forcibly push her near a speeding train) while on her way home from school. Then, after getting involved in that near-fatal incident she experiences something extraordinary. The journalist inside her head began to make Sayako curious, while wanting to find answers about whats going on she embarks on a special quest with her closest friend Yuki Unabara, along with Taiyou Sorano-(a mysterious young man who possesses special powers, Mari Kimura-(a young woman who works for the local news station), Harry Badson-(an Australian-American spiritualist), and Shunta Amanokawa-(an elementary school student and Sayako's younger brother) to find out about the truth and to find out who is the mysterious "Buddha".