An Unfinished Affair

An Unfinished Affair

An Unfinished Affair is a 1996 American television film directed by Rod Hardy and starring Jennie Garth, Tim Matheson, Leigh Taylor-Young, and Peter Facinelli. The film originally premiered on ABC and is now frequently aired on Lifetime.


In Tucson, Arizona, Alex Connor is a college teacher whose wife Cynthia is diagnosed with cancer. As her health deteriorates, he starts a short-lived affair with Canadian Sheila Hart, one of his art students. He soon regrets his actions and ends the affair immediately, but Sheila is not willing to accept that she is no longer his mistress. Alex's home life soon starts to look better, as Cynthia has gone into remission. Now, his only problem is Sheila, who has started her own revenge plan. Determined to win him back, she starts to terrorize him, even going as far as dating his son Rick to make him jealous.

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    contentLocation Arizona
    director Rod Hardy
    events revenge
    genre crime drama thriller
    keywords art student canadian cancer date remission
    publisher ABC American Broadcasting Company
    recordedAt Arizona