Centurians of Rome

Centurians of Rome

of Rome is a 1981 gay pornographic film made during the Golden Age of Porn. The film, one of the most expensive gay films of its time, was directed by John Christopher and starred George Payne and Scorpio. The film was reportedly financed from a 1980 theft by George Bosque, a Brink's security guard, of almost $2 million. Lloyd's of London, an insurer of Brinks, filed claim to partial ownership of the film.


Demetrius and Octavius are Roman countrymen sold into slavery for not paying their taxes during Emperor Caligula's reign. Demetrius is purchased by the Emperor and taught to be a "good slave" by Argus while Octavius is claimed by a sadistic commander. The commander wants the bound Demetrius but is refused. Octavius sneaks in while the guards are asleep and frees Demetrius.


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    contentLocation ancient Rome
    director John Christopher
    keywords caligula sold into slavery
    publisher Bijou Video
    theme pornographic