Beautiful Days

Beautiful Days is a 2018 South Korean drama film starring Lee Na-young, Jang Dong-yoon and Oh Kwang-rok. The film premiered as the opening film of the 23rd edition of the Busan International Film Festival on October 4, 2018. It was released in theaters on November 21, 2018.


The film follows the life of a North Korean defector who gives birth to a son at a young age and abandons her husband and child for a better life abroad. The hidden past is revealed after fourteen years when the grown-up son visits her.

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    director Jéro Yun
    editor Jéro Yun
    genre drama
    keywords better life north korean defector young age
    musicBy Mathieu Regnault
    producer Kim Hyun-woo
    productionCompany Peppermint & Company
    publisher Contents Panda Smile Entertainment
    theme south korean