Voor een paar knikkers meer

Voor een paar knikkers meer

For a few marbles more (original title: Voor een paar knikkers meer) is a 2006 short Dutch film directed by Jelmar Hufen. The film was selected for over 240 film festivals in 57 countries and received 41 awards. 'For a few marbles more' is the most selected and awarded Dutch (short) film ever.


Four ten–year-olds are kicked out of their favorite playground by two aggressive drunkards. When they realize their parents are not going to help them, there's only one solution. They have to find a way to get the toughest boy in the neighborhood to help them. From that moment on the four friends are in for an exciting adventure.

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    director Jelmar Hufen
    keywords kick out
    musicBy Maarten Spruijt
    theme short