Dolls is a 1987 American horror film directed by Stuart Gordon, written by Ed Naha, and starring Stephen Lee, Guy Rolfe, Hilary Mason, Ian Patrick Williams, and Bunty Bailey. Its plot follows six people who seek shelter during a storm in the mansion of an elderly puppetmaker and his wife, only to find that the various puppets and dolls in the home contain the imprisoned spirits of criminals. It was produced by Charles Band and Brian Yuzna, through Band's Empire Pictures.


A violent thunderstorm strands a couple and child in the gothic English countryside: little Judy, who is traveling with her selfish, uncaring father, David and her rich, callous, arrogant stepmother Rosemary. David only has Judy due to a court order and barely tolerates the little girl's presence, while Rosemary openly dislikes her stepdaughter. After their car is stuck in the mud and the rain begins, they find a mansion. After breaking in, they are found by the owners, a kindly older couple called Gabriel and Hilary Hartwicke. Rosemary threw Judy's beloved teddy bear into the bushes while out in the rain, so Gabriel gifts her a new doll, Mr. Punch. They are invited to stay and while eating, Isabel and Enid (two British punk rocker hitchhikers) barge in with the person who picked them up, the naive yet good-natured Ralph. Gabriel reveals himself to be a talented toy maker; their house is filled with dolls, puppets, and many other beautifully detailed and handmade toys like Mr. Punch. The Hartwickes invite the stranded travelers to join them to stay as guests until the storm ends and show them to their rooms.