Our Gang

Our Gang (1922) is an American Our Gang silent short film that was the third entry in the series to be released. It was directed by Charley Chase, Robert F. McGowan, Tom McNamara, and Fred Newmeyer. The two-reeler was released into theaters on November 5, 1922 by Pathé.


Jimmy is trying to get the affections of Mary Jane. Mary Jane, however, is not interested in Jimmy, but rather is interested in rich kid Pat. The gang tries to help Sunshine Sammy get some clothes. They lure rich Pat into a trap in order to steal his clean clothes, but Pat beats them up. The gang then offers Pat a place in the gang, and they cut his hair and trade clothes with him. When Mary Jane sees Pat, she is disgusted. She soon sees Jimmy and Jackie wearing their new outfits. Later, Mary Jane's mother is trying to get some customers in her store while competing with a popular rival store across the street. Sunshine Sammy and Pat try to help Mary Jane by making the customers of the rival store think there are mad animals running around the store.

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    director Charley Chase Fred C. Newmeyer Robert F. McGowan Tom McNamara
    genre comedy
    keywords rich kid run
    producer Hal Roach
    publisher Pathé Exchange
    theme gang short