Dhehithehge Loabi

Dhehithehge Loabi

Dhehithehge Loabi is a 1995 Maldivian comedy drama film directed by Hussain Adil. Produced by Hussain Rasheed under Farivaa Films, the film stars Mariyam Nisha, Abdul Rahman Rauf and Ahmed Sharmeel in pivotal roles. The film was released on 25 April 1995.


Hana Shareef (Mariyam Nisha) is selected for the post of a computer trainee at an office, working under Asif (Abdul Rahman Rauf). His younger brother, Hussain "Imu" Amir (Ahmed Sharmeel) working at the same office, falls in love with her. Imu always complains to his parents for always discriminating the siblings; preferring Imu over Asif all the time. Meanwhile, Hana's mother Mareena (Sithi Fulhu) dates a married man, Hassan (Ajwad Waheed). Their secret relationship was exposed to his wife, Ruqiyya.