Atracción x4 En Dream Beach

Atracción x4 is a 2008-2009 Argentine telenovela. It was broadcast on Canal 13. It replaced Patito Feo on Canal 13, in 7 pm. It was directed by Marcelo Tinelli, and produced by Ideas del Sur


Hamlet Lacalle (Gabriel Goity) is the father of three girls: Nina Lacalle (Luisana Lopilato), Malena Lacalle (Camila Bordonaba) and Paula Lacalle (Juana Dubarry). The girls are in love with music. Leticia Gómez Valvuena (Carola Reyna) has married with Gonzalo Milhojas (Jorge Suárez) who has three sons: Francisco Milhojas (Rodrigo Guirao Díaz), Pablo Milhojas (Darío Lopilato) and Keto Milhojas (Elías Viñoles), and the three guys are in love with reggae. The girls and the guys meet each other because Nina works in the restaurant of Milhojas´family, and the boss in that place is Francisco. Paula and Pablo were in love when Pablo see the girls arriving the neighbourhood. Also, Malena mets Keto because Malena's cousin is the fan president of Atracción x4 (the band that boys form). Then they formed three couples. But, there are problems: the guys are very rich, and the girls are not. The father of three brothers doesn't want them to be friends with the girls. Also Gonzalo stole, a few years ago, a famous song, that it wrote for Hamlet, but Hamlet doesn't remember that. Leticia was Hamlet's teacher in school and now she is in love with him. The first season of "Atracción x4" is about the love of Francisco and Nina and how everyone moves about that. But the lower rating promoved that January 5, 2009 "Atracción x4" changes the history (Hamlet and Leticia lived together, Paula became in a bad person, Francisco and Nina are not in love, Leticia is the biologic mother of Francisco, Paula and Pablo are not in love, and Keto dates other girls but he is still Malena's boyfriend; and all live in a beach house-hotel).