Night of the Flood

Night of the Flood is a Canadian drama film, directed by Bernar Hébert and released in 1996. An experiment in integrating dance and theatrical staging into cinema, the film tells the story of a child born in a flooded land; his mother (Geneviève Rochette) was the sole survivor of the flood after floating to safety on a raft built by the child's deceased father (Jacques Godin) and being cared for by a guardian angel (Julie McClemens). The film also prominently features the dance troupe O Vertigo, performing dances choreographed by Ginette Laurin.

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    director Bernar Hébert
    editor Philippe Ralet
    genre drama
    musicBy Gaëtan Gravel Serge LaForest
    producer Michel Ouellette
    productionCompany Antenna Cine Qua Non Films
    theme dance