Out of Scale is a 1951 American animated short film directed by Jack Hannah and produced by Walt Disney. In the short film, Donald has a ride-on sized train layout in his backyard. There's a large tree (home to Chip 'n Dale) that's out of scale, so Donald moves it while they're out; they come back to see their tree moving. No problem; one of Donald's model houses is just their size.


Donald invented a scale model railroad on his property of everything, only to be annoyed by Chip and Dale. However, he also gets rid of Chip and Dale's tree when it's not in the correct miniature scale. Chip and Dale race past the miniature village and they went into a tiny house. While they were inside, Donald simulating extremes of weather. Chip thought he decided to get their tree back. In the end, when their tree has a hole in it and ends up on the railroad track, Chip puts the "Giant Redwood" sign on front of the tree and he and Dale take advantage of this to say it is a scale model of California Giant Redwood with a tunnel. Satisfied with the explanation, Donald thanks Chip and Dale for their appreciation and he rides his train through the tunnel in a joyful way.