Normal People Scare Me

Normal People Scare Me

Normal People Scare Me: A Film about Autism is a documentary film about autism, produced by Joey Travolta. The documentary initially began as a 10-minute short film co-directed by an autistic teenager named Taylor Cross, and his mother Keri Bowers. Joey Travolta first met Cross at a program Travolta led teaching the art of filmmaking to children with special needs. He helped educate Cross about filmmaking, and the documentary was expanded into a feature-length film. It includes interviews with 65 people, including those who are autistic as well as friends and family. Cross asks them about their experiences with autism and how they feel about it, and elicits multiple insightful responses from his subjects.


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    director Keri Bowers, Taylor Cross
    editor Richard Bluth, Chad Dahlberg, Eric Jean
    events autism
    musicBy Taylor Dayne
    producer Joey Travolta
    productionCompany Normal Films
    recordedAt Los Angeles
    theme documentary short