Geniş Aile Wide Family

Geniş Aile (in English: The Large Family) is a Turkish comedy television series on Kanal D, which initially broadcast in 2009. Season Finale on 15 June 2010 and was run 49 episodes - 1 season. Season 2 premiere aired on 10 August 2010.


Cevahir Kirişçi (Ufuk Özkan) is a 28-year-old man. He returned from Germany and he wants to get married with Şükufe (Zuhal Topal). For this reason, he quarrels with Bilal the Dark (Fırat Tanış). Cevahir's sister Nazan (Bihter Dinçel) wants to be married with Mürsel (İlker Ayrık), but every occurrence is an obstacle to the marriage. However, eventually they do get married. Cevahir's brother Zekai (Bora Akkaş) loves Pırıl (Gizem Akman), the sister of Kunter (Ahmet Akın Canalioğlu). Kunter is Zekai's close friend, too. Zekai does everything possible to be together with Pırıl. Tayanç, another boy who loves Pırıl, hates Zekai. Tayanç is also a tikky.