Special Studies Film II

Special Studies Film II is a 2003 short film starring Sean Hall and Worm Miller that appears before the feature Hey, Stop Stabbing Me!. It was written, directed, and shot by Matt Sell. The film is sometimes referred to by the titles Special Studies I Film II and Killer Doll. The music heard during the film is the theme music to Hey, Stop Stabbing Me! composed by one of the stars Sean Hall, along with fellow actor and musician Jack Shreck.


Special Studies Film II is a short film about two men (Hall and Miller) who discover a doll in the woods. The men have been drinking alcohol and start to laugh at the doll. The doll sits up and proceeds to murder the men.


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    director Matt Sell
    genre comedy horror
    keywords drink short film
    musicBy Sean Hall
    producer Matt Sell
    publisher Sub Rosa
    theme comedy horror short