You Kiss Like God

You Kiss Like a God is a 2009 Czech comedy film directed by Marie Poledňáková. Upon its release, it became the most watched film in Czech theatres.


Helena Altmanová (Kamila Magálová), a high school teacher, lives in an apartment with her ex-husband Karel (Jiří Bartoška), a successful writer, even after being divorced. Their extended family lives with them as well, including their son Adam (Roman Vojtek), his wife Bela (Martha Issová), their sons Bastík (Filip Antonio) and Max, Helen's sister Kristýna (Nela Boudová), a widow with three children, and the matriarch of the family, Alžběta (Jaroslava Adamová), still vital even in her 70s. Helena has little time left for her own life, what with everything going on around her. One day, she meets a man named František (Oldřich Kaiser), a doctor with whom she quickly falls in love. František, however, is "kinda married", and his wife Bohunka (Eva Holubová) does not share his ideas about an open relationship. A series of humorous events transpires as the story progresses.