Sweet/Vicious is an American comedy-drama television series created by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson for MTV. The series revolves around the activities of Jules and Ophelia, two college students who secretly act as vigilantes on-campus that target sexual assailants. The series tackles the emotional fallout of victimization as well as flaws in the justice system regarding reporting.


Jules Thomas is a preppy seeming sorority sister at Darlington University, while secretly a vigilante hunting and beating rapists on Campus. During one of her outings, Jules is attacked and nearly killed by a rapist named Carter, but is saved by Ophelia Mayer, a stoner girl living off her trust fund. After Carter is killed, Jules, despite her obvious differences from Ophelia, quickly bonds with her. Jules tells Ophelia about how Darlington has a problem with sexual violence occurring across the community, and the law refusing to do anything about it. Jules takes Ophelia under her wing and the two form a vigilante duo to go after Darlington's rapists.